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Installing marble

And other natural stones (granite, onyx, travertine)

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Bathroom of marble Iceberg Blue 2016
Staircase of marble Bianco Carrara 2015
Diagonal laying floor of marble Bianco Carrara 2017
Tables of brasilian granite Fusion 2018
We will select the exact color and design of a stone by visualization or photo
Client’s request
Selected stone
Send your request
In 24 hours we will find suitable slabs
and make quotation
«For 6 years of our work we’ve had more than 500 requests of finding «exactly this» type of stone. Now we can just look at the interior visualization to identify the country, quarry
and company who extracts this material, including its price and time of delivery»
Artem Drozdov (Счет за работу направляйте Дроздову) – company founder

On the picture — Max, the marble quarry owner (Calacatta Macchia Vecchia), which stone is the main material for all marble items in Starbucks Roastery Reserve in Milan.

We can deliver stone
From thirty

extractive companies

Of eight


From two hundred


We are visiting quarries, factories and exhibitions in Italy, Spain, India, China to meet the extractive manufacture owners and local sculptors.

By the way, frequently the price of stone’s processing in Europe is lower than in Moscow. This is another reason to bring natural stone from abroad.

Interesting facts
about our partners:
One of our suppliers was responsible
for marble decoration in Sagrada Familia
cathedral (Spain)
Our Italian partner who supplies
raw material with the unique finishing made marble
installations in Armani hotel in Dubai
We are collaborating with the company who made
the square of sheikh Zaid mosque in Abu-Dhabi
If it is necessary,
we can suggest
an alternative
color shade
for the price 15-30% lower

Often there is a material that has insignificant visual difference but it is cheaper just because in nature it occurs more often.

8 400 €
Calacatta Borghini
3 200 €
We will decrease the cost by
optimizing pattern cutting
Tiles 1000x1000 mm 15 slabs in total
Floor area: 32 sqm
Marble price: 15 600 €
Tiles 750х750 мм 10 slabs in total
Floor area: 32 sqm
Marble price: 10 400 €
Send us specification
and we will make quotation in 24 hours. In all probability, our offer will be 10-20% cheaper than the competitor’s ones by direct supply from quarries and cost minimization.

Fill in the form on the right or send information on our e-maill You can also contact us by WhatsApp or Telegram

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Iceberg Blue marble Bathroom

This shade of blue is extremely rare for this stone. The quarry of this marble is almost wasted, so the bathroom owners have the unique one.

Wall covering is made of large-sized slabs with saved pattern.

Armani Velvet marble floor slabs

This circle is 7 meters in diameter.

It was made of nine parts. Every detail of 2,6 x 1,5 m weighed 215 kilograms.

That was a maximum size limit for the extracted slab.

Every kilogram and centimeter of details was raising a risk of damaging during their uploading or mounting. Due to this it was adventure project.

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Fusion granite tables for Il Forno restaurant

According to the restaurant concept, the stone should be bright and strong to highlight the key points of summer terrace. The choice fell on Fusion brazil granite. By its usability, this one is an excellent option for HoReCa projects.

At the same time, we decided to inlay the wooden tables with the stone plug-ins.

We confirmed the enlistment of multicolored materials and in cooperation with carpentry manufacture the work was done.

Carved fireplace made of Arabescato Orobico Rosso marble

We cannot imagine classic mansion without carved fireplace portals. This project design was based on the photo collection of French mansion fireplaces of XVIII century.

There is a tradition to decorate this type of fireplaces with some representation of owner’s spirit animal. In the present case there is a lion symbolizing the power and domination.

This fireplace portal is very sizeable: more than 1,5 m in height, more than 2 m in length and deeper than 1,2 m. It was made of a huge Italian marble block Arabescato Orobico Rosso.

Verde Aquatica carved marble fireplace

The fireplace of this project was made exactly according to the client’s design.

The main issue was to find the right proportions of the elements and the depth of the bas-relief’s carving.

Before the last version was approved, there were proposed many variants of visualization.

The portal also differs primarily in its sizeable amounts: more than 2 meters long and more than 1,5 meters high, and is made of delicate monolithic brick “Verde Aquatica”.

The fireplace made of white marble for mansion

The giant fireplace portal made of white marble is more than 3 meters long, 3 meters high and more than 1 meter deep was completed on the classical design.

The portal is decorated with the marble wall pier with a scroll in a lonic order style that maintain the whole grandiose spirit of the fireplace hall.

Bianco Carrara marble floor and staircase

The staircase made of marble “Bianco Carrara” and inserted with “Nero Marquira”.

130 sqm marble floor with the diagonal laying of marbles Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquina.

Baltic granite entrance groups

The Baltic granite was used for the entry elements’s facing.

Floor panel for mansion front door hall

Mansion’s front hall floor panel is made of four different types of marble. The hall’s highlight is the central rosette 3,6×3,6 m with geometric ornament.

(Русский) Стены из мрамора
New project's ideas
Unusual possibilities of using stone in interior, innovating methods of finishing

Studying the industry news and sharing the most interesting ones.

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One contractor
for all work stages
All the problems during project (inaccurate measurement, broken slabs or mistakes during installation) we will solve for our expense

You pay for the next working phase only after accepting the previous one.

Photo report after each working step.

We strongly recommend not to part the phases of project between different contractors.

It may happen that there would be a situation for which you won't be able to blame anyone for. The installation staff will blame inaccurate measurement, and the measurers will say that the production had shifted away from the design and you will have to solve all these problems on your own and also to pay for the delivery of the new materials.

Knowledge of these details will help to avoid extra expenses while working with genuine bricks.

We will make
your project within a very short time

If it is an immediate need, we are able to deliver you the materials from Europe by car, for avoiding the formation of package cargo for a ship.

It is possible to find the same stone from our Russian partners.

We deliver all the consumable materials and prepare the lodgment for the beginning of the installation right in the day of the stone arriving.

Knowledge of these details
will help you to finish the project in short time

The delivery of the genuine stone from abroad is not easy and there are many unobvious details that may increase the working time.

During our work we have experienced all these issues and now we can predict them for keeping you safe from «surprises»

the slab's position

for reconciling the ornament before the installation

We will lay out the tiles on the dry surface and will change the places of the panels for finding the combination with the minimal contrast on the joints and create the single-element coating visibility

We work only with the narrow
profile groups of workers

Tiles, staircases, fireplaces, slab laying, front elevations - all these different courses have their own particular kind of treatment and installation and for each of the courses we provide you with a skilled worker

Knowledge of these details will help
you to keep the high quality
of all mounting process

Correctly organized mounting process will let you finish a project in a short time not disturbing another construction members

«If you have any idea of nature stone project — send us a description or it’s visualization»
We will select a rock and send you
a budget calculation in 24 hours